Woman struggling with a divorce and seeking support group assistance

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Hi Gilbert

I am in the process of going through a divorce.

As both my boys are taking the PSLE this year, my soon to be ex-hubby and me are aligned to keep it under wraps and not “announced” till they complete this critical phase of their educational journey.

As such we are trying to still act as normal at home, in front of my kids and my parents. Nobody in my family knows at all. Hence it is quite a struggle for me especially when it’s a case of him committing adultery and he has some one else.

I want to move on as I know he is no longer with me. And, I do not want to be in an emotional roller coaster wreck…which can’t be easily controlled at times.

As I was surfing through looking for support group, I chanced upon your site. Definitely a great place to be in to be able to see, hear, read and listen to others.

I am finding your data bank very helpful. Thank you for setting this up.

Could you put me on the joining list for the 5-week support group program. Hoping it will help in my journey of recovery.

Thanks and regards,


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