Woman involved in a violent relationship ending her marriage

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We fought constantly about his filth and untidyness and the division of household chores, among other issues.

He had emotionally vacated the marriage and I also discovered he was involved with his colleague, to whom he would confide his woes (including calling me names) and secretly date, plus show care, assistance and concern towards.

On one occasion when we were fighting about his cheating, he physically hurt me: flipped me off the bed with such force that I somersaulted and landed oddly on my back on the floor, restrained my hands when I tried to call the police and slapped me in the face so hard that I instantly fell to my knees from a standing position. Emotionally, I was devastated as I never imagined that he could lay hands on me.

After the above incident, I moved out of our HDB flat that very same night, to live with my parents but returned to the marital home about 1-2 months later, with the intention of working at the marriage

Out of depression and loneliness, I had found joy again through secretly seeing another man and my husband became suspicious after a while.

On one night, he suddenly snatched my mobile phone to read my messages, shoving me so forcefully that I fell backwards onto a standing fan and broke it.I managed to dial 999 as I genuinely feared for my life at the time. Further physical abuse followed thus: dragging me into the room against my will via my bra until it broke into 2, slapping me and repeatedly choking me by squeezing his 2 hands around my neck till I passed out. He would then let go and as I regained breathing and gasped for breadth, he would choke me again. It only stopped when finally, the police arrived and were banging on the door.

He was handcuffed and brought away by the police to jail that night.

Meanwhile I had my injuries documented at a local hospital and the same night, I moved back to my parents’ again, for the next 3-4 months. I also terminated contact with the other man during this time.




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