Wife suspects husband of having affair and enquiring on divorce proceedings

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Hi Gilbert

I am not sure if I fit into this support group. I have been contemplating divorce for a year as my spouse has changed.

I suspect he is having an affair but never had the courage to investigate further.

He has been going out most nights till early morning., always on the phone smsing and for the past few months, I noticed he had turned his hp to silent mode. He never informs me on his whereabouts and treats me coldly for almost a year now.

Kindly advice how I should about initiating a divorce. I have a 7-year-old daughter and may not have the financial ability to fork out much for hiring of lawyer service.

Please advise.




Hi Pauline

Sorry to hear of your marital predicament.

Can I propose counselling together so the marriage has a chance at reconciliation? We can refer you to one.

Why don’t you talk to him directly about what’s troubling you?

Yes it takes courage but not doing anything means the marriage is gone for sure.

Let me know.


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