Wife receives SMS text on divorce from husband and seeking assistance

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My husband send me a SMS stating that he is preparing to file for a divorce with me and will inform me the date to go to the lawyer firm.

I am agreeable to the divorce – would I need to engage a lawyer?

Gilbert: Yes it will be advisable if you approach a lawyer for legal advice. You can also approach Legal Aid for the poor but your income must be below $1500/month and below. There is a one-off minimal payment of a few hundred if I am not wrong.

Getting a lawyer will ensure that your legal right as a ex-spouse is protected during the divorce proceeding so you won’t lose out in any situation.

I have 2 grown up children 20 and 18 and both are not working and there is no property – can I apply for maintenance?

Gilbert: Yes I believe you can apply for maintenance for your grown-up children if they are not working subject to a age limit. However, there are cases whereby children who study in university still can get maintenance after age 21 years old – the legal age for adult.

My gal and myself have been staying in a rental room since Apr 2017.

My 18-year-old boy is staying at grandmother/uncle house with his father.

I will need to get a house to stay with both of my children – will there be any problem getting the house?

Gilbert: If you intend to take over the matrimonial unit, you need to speak with your husband through your lawyer to buy over his share of the flat purchase based on the prevailing market value. It could be a sizeable amount and you may need to provide proof of income to allow HDB to grant you a loan to initiate a buy-over of his share of the property.

Alternatively, you can apply for a new HDB BTO unit with your children forming a family nucleus. However there is still the need to prove source of income if you take up a housing loan subject to the amount you need to borrow.

You can also apply for a cheaper HDB rental unit for those who earn below a certain amount of salary ie between $1500/month to $1800. You can only pay in cash for such rental unit which is between $50 to $300 depending on your salary range.


Editor’s note: Please consult a lawyer for the proper legal advice.

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