Wife enquiring on legal help to file for divorce based on adultery

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    Effectively, there is only 1 ground for divorce i.e. the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Unreasonable behaviour is one such cause, and the term itself encompasses many e.g. adultery, drunk and abusive, deranged etc. Gilbert is right that whatsapp sightings even if downloaded as a piece of evidence, is weak and has almost a zilch chance of success in obtaining a divorce.

    Consensual separation usually by way of a Deed of Separation will allow parties to file for a divorce after 3 years; otherwise, it’s 4 years. Couple living under the same roof but sleeping in different rooms is separation if it can be sufficiently proved to the court.

    Do make a trip down to and seek the advice of the Family Court located in Chinatown adjacent to the Peoples Park Centre.

    Even after a party has filed for a divorce, it does not come quickly. Parties will be offered counselling and mediation which might help to save the marriage. What is important is, if you are prepared to give the marriage a chance and that your 2 kids will have a wholesome family to grow up in, you need to allow the bygone be the bygone, and not be bedevilled by thoughts of his past betrayal which you must forgive him for.

    Take care,


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