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Dear Friends,

We run 5-week support group sessions  for those going through the ravages of a divorce situation.

A person goes through a divorce experiencing grief as if someone close has passed away and normally it takes at least a year or two before the person can be stable.

The person often feels lonely, depressed and neglected. Her self esteem is often at rock bottom as divorce is always associated with failure.

A support group provides the person a safe platform to share his innermost hurts with others suffering from the similar kind of emotional pain.

We have already completed  14 series spanning over 3 1/2 years and each series are  conducted once every quarter.

It is usually conducted on a Saturday afternoon for two hours per  session for a maximum of 7-8 participants to allow easier facilitation.

The sessions are moderated by a qualified counsellor and are non-religious.

The series entitled “Starting Over & Moving Ahead” will teach one how to manage grief, self-discover about one’s role in the divorce and learn baby steps on how to forge ahead.

More importantly, the support group allows the participant  to make  new friends caught in similar circumstances and this is also the  main draw of the support sessions.

Many who recently divorced find it tough to share their innermost hurts to anyone else for fear of being looked down upon as its still a social stigma here when one’s marriage breaks down.

Many participants have move on to catch up socially months after the sessions ended. They go for drinks, dinners, holidays and movies together drawing social support from each other long after the support sessions ended.

If you are keen to join our support sessions, please email me at gilbert@steadymarriages.com or goh_gilbert@yahoo.com.

The sessions cost $100 and are very popular. We also provide a refund if you think that our sessions do not benefit you – without any questions asked.

So email today to reserve a place for the next upcoming sessions.

Don’t suffer alone – seek support!

We are here for you.

Gilbert Goh


Support site for the divorced

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  1. Hi, I need some advise on my rights, after divorced a year ago, and my two girls 7 & 8 are both staying with their father. though I have custody of the younger one. The father controls time and day each week. And he decide when i can see them. I feel it’s not right… but if i insist, he will scold and nag on the children, and they feel sad and stress ech time when they meet me. I do not want to do someting and end up split the girls, and i really hope they could both stay with me, and grown up safe and heatly, with love and care. pls help me.. thank u so much..

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