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Dear Friends in Transition,

We do organise some social activities from time to time to cater to the needs of the divorced community.

We realise that there are many divorcees out there who live their lives in isolation and loneliness.

Its good to network with others going through similar situation so that your recovery will be hastened.

If you want to be on our mailing list for social activities, do email us at or

If you want to volunteer with us to help organise social outings, we will be glad to talk to you also.

Thanks and take care.

We are here for you.

You don’t have to walk this tough journey on your own.

Gilbert Goh


Support site for the divorced


  1. hi good evening to you sir,
    i am glad to see people like you for helping us.

    Well sir i am not a divorcees BUT I AM A WIDOWER
    with 2 small kids.

    is widower aligible?

    my no is 84507810 kumar

    thanks sir

  2. Hey Gilbert

    I just stumbled upon this SG site for divorcees. It is a comforting read for me. I wish to be a volunteer to assist those who are undergoing their period of brokenness. I have been divorced for over a period of 2 years already and although I can safely say that I am taking baby steps to move on, at times I do fall and still cry. However, I get up and learn to relearn why i stumble and the need to move on.

  3. Hi,

    I m interested in joining a support group. I m currently going thru a divorce n I find it really difficult to handle it though I know that there’s no point hanging on to him. I wanted to be strong but it seems that whenever I thought of the situation, my tears will just flow down. I m really scared that I might fall into depression if this goes on.

  4. Hi

    I am interested in joining a support group. I realise it is a difficult thing to cope with alot of emotions flooding me. Appreciate your responses. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    1. Hello! You are the alone. After 4 yrs of of court proceedings, I have finalised my divorce Jan 2013 (after more than 25yrs of marriage). I am now stuck with hatred and anger, last year I discovered my ex husband cheated on me with a young co-worker in (2009).He (Malaysian) MD of a MNC (Risk Mgt) and she is a clerical staff (half his age). Be Strong. Take Care.

      1. Hi,
        I was surprised you went through 4 years of court proceedings to get divorced. I’m into my 3rd year now and was thinking mine was rare, especially since I’m a HDB heartlander and a salaried worker.
        Having said that, I’m not sure if you will still find my case worth communicating cos I was told that long-drawn and bitterly-fought divorces are usually the domain of the rich, the upper-class. But if you think it is still worth giving me a tinker, just feel free to drop me a mail. I’d appreciate it as it is indeed a very painful and stressful period of my life. And having somebody who’s been through the same share his or her experience will probably/surely help ease that somewhat.
        By the way, I’m the defendant. My ex has been the one who’ss raising summons after summons against me, racking up the legal fees into 5 figures already and asking the court to make me pay her fees as well….
        Hope to hear from you, if you can.


  5. I am currently going through divorce, 3 months of emotional draining and struggling and i know it is time to move on with my life, im a mother with 2 daughters. The road ahead of us may not be easy, but it’s okay, what we want is to live back our life and do our best for the kids and see them grow up healthy and happily. i do not want to “teach” them that marriage is a very unhappy and depressing part of life. i want them to know that Love is suppose to be unconditional and free-wills. You can leave your email here or email to me, i can start a group chat through FB.

  6. My divorce has been going on for 2 years already, and i dare say it is one of the most acrimonious divorces in singapore (according to my lawyer).
    I hardly sleep more than 4 hours a night bec I’m faced with so much stress and also depressed .
    Would really like to connect with others who are also going through this rut and weather it out together . Please reply

  7. Hi all, im have decided to go for divorce after months of suffering emotionally. im a mother of two. If you need someone to talk , you can email me at, i already have 3 emails, maybe we can have a small group to meet the like-minded people, purpose is to vernt out your emotion, support and encourage each other to walk through these tough period.

  8. Hi, I going through divorce soon n I m really very sad n confused..I had been a stay home mum for many year. Now I m all so lonely without any family support n I do not know what to do next.

    1. Hello Peishan,

      I am in a rather similar situation as you. I had been a homemaker for 15 years living a very isolated life, stifled, frustrated and miserable and depress. One of my greatest fear when my divorce happened was loneliness. He was suppose to be my companion for the rest of my life but now at 48, I have to start trying to depend on myself emotionally and financially.

      However, I am happier now, relieved. I feel peace. But there is also a lot of apprehension of what’s coming. Still grieving the loss and nursing the hurt but I am sure this setback serves to stabilise what had been attained so far and will give me a helpful orientation for future self-development.

  9. Hi,

    I have been separated from my husband, have signed my divorce papers for stage1. Waiting for negotiation on settlement issues.

    I have 2 teens 15 and 18. I was a wreck for 4 months when this happened. I am stronger now. Hope to meet fellow sufferers to share and support each other through this difficult times.

    Take things one day at a time, all will be fine eventually.

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