Remarried man seeking assistance on downward variation of $1000 maintenance

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Dear Mr. Gilbert,

Hope that you take your time to understand the situation that I am facing for the past years.

Paying a maintenance is part of my responsible but putting it all on me is just not fair. I have another family to support and each time I seek for variation it just does not work as my ex-wife claims that she is not working.

She is being unreasonable enough each time we go to court. I am at her mercy Mr. Gilbert, I do not know what to do and it is very stressful for me.

This morning she asked for additional monies for upcoming Raya when I just lapsed previous month maintenance due to moving into Singapore expenses.

She knew that I can’t afford, she knew that any additional expenses will effect me financially but she did it on purpose. My take home pay is around $2400 and after maintenance deduction I left with $1400. With $1400 I need to pay for bills, groceries for my family of 6, kids milk, pampers and my daily expenses. I have no savings at all.

I really need someone who can assist me on the matter and appreciate your kind assistance. I am not running away from my responsibility like others, my case are genuine and true.

My point is:

She has already remarried few years back but did not inform court as her marriage was registered oversea.

She is so unreasonable which makes any meeting for variations at court with her impossible.

My 2 daughters are reaching 20 years and 21 years respectively and I believed that she is eyeing for an extension.

My new family consists of 4 kids ranging from 5 years to 7 years old.

She is staying in a 5-room flat and with her education, I see no issue for her to work.

Thank you and regards.


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