Recently-divorced mum worries about losing her HDB flat and feeling depressed

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Hi Gilbert,

I am feeling so hopeless in my current situation. I have been diagnosed with major depression this year.  I need to go for regular blood test and on long-term medication for rheumatoid arthritis.

I had a total thyroidectomy 2 years ago which I need to be on long term medication too after the surgery.

I am a divorced woman with a 13-year-old son. Currently living in Punggol. My flat is still a joint tenancy with my ex-spouse.

I have been trying to appeal for waiver of credit assessment for my HLE in order to take over the flat and I had went to look for MP to write in letter of appeal. But I still can’t get a HLE. Meaning I won’t be able to take over the flat and I and my son might be homeless soon if my ex-spouse takes legal action against me.

I have included all my correspondence with HDB and my divorce certificate. I am also seeing a social worker in Punggol.

Please I really need some help. Taking over the flat is my only dream now. I need to take over there flat if not I will be homeless soon.

I do not know how to carry on living if I am really homeless.

HDB should be compassionate enough to consider each person situation. They shouldn’t use a template to brand everyone saying my salary not high enough to get the loan please try other means.

What other means I still have.  I don’t have any….  Feeling so frustrated and depressed.

Please help.


Editor’s note: we have arranged to see the writer this week for a session.

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