Newly-divorced man enquiring on issues leading to housing after interim judgement

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Hi Gilbert

I am not clear about the legal procedures. I decided not to contest the divorce initiated by my wife and signed the document before a registrar.

I received the lawyer’s letter informing me that. the judge will look at the case to make an interim judgement.

My wife, me and the lawyer do not need to be present.

My question is what comes after that?

In the document, I agree to sell my share of the HDB flat to her. CPF monies plus interest accrued will be paid back to my CPF account.

My wife also mentioned that she wants me to leave the matrimonial home on a specific date.

Does she have a legal right to force me to leave or is it her own whim and fancy?




Hi James

I am not a lawyer but merely a counsellor.

I know if you sell you home back to your wife you are no longer the co-owner of the flat. She has the legal right to ask you to leave.

It has to be after  after the pronouncement  of interim judgement.

Please check with your lawyer for the exact details as mine could be incorrect.

Do let me know if you need to see our counsellor.

Take good care of yourself. Stay strong.


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