Mum with young child feeling anxious and lost before a impending divorce

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Hi Gilbert

Thank you for your reply. Would it be ok if I asked a few more questions? At this moment, I still feel so lost and quite honestly scared.

If I’m not a working mother right now, is there any chance my husband can last minute twist his words and not want to give me custody of my daughter?

I seriously doubt he would be agreeable to me not refunding his CPF. How does it work if I do not refund his CPF upon a divorce? Does that mean, the CPF portion will auto be refunded to him only when I sell the flat next time?

Regarding my child’s maintenance, he said he will give me a small lump sum which will be able to last me till she goes to primary 1. That’s only 2.5 years from now. I asked him then what happens after that? He answered, then he will think again. Can he actually do things this way?

I feel my world already crumbling and now the future looks even more depressing. He has already move out from the house.

You mentioned that I’m also entitled to maintenance. How does a court rule in terms of wife maintenance?

We have been married for 12 years, can we divorce immediately or do we still need to go through a 3-your separation period? If the divorce is uncontested, the whole process will be faster?

Lastly, do you have any good but not so expensive lawyers to recommend me?

Thanks & God bless.


Editor’s note: the family court will usually allow the mother to have shared custody of the child and the father can have regular access to the child. Regarding maintenance for the child, its also a monthly sum agreeable by both parties till the child reach 21 years old or older if she is still dependent eg studying in a university.  If the mother is not working, she can claim a ailmony sum from the ex husband based on the previous regular average expenditure before divorce. Receipts are required to justify the ailmony amount applied for.

HDB will allow you to own the whole house after the divorce pending on the ability to financially pay off your husband’s share in the initial payment based on the prevailing flat price. The ability to show income capability if you take up a housing loan is required.

If not, you need to sell off the house and split the proceeds equally based on how much you have put into the house.

Please refer to a lawyer for the professional advice on your divorce.

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