Men look at face, women look down there

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In spite of the common believe erotic photographs evoke different reactions for men and women, Center of Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN) study says. Women show more interest and pay more attention to sexual actsand men focus on faces.

Women and men were tested on visual response to erotic photographs that depicted sexual act to make clear the nature of sexual urges and their influence on health. The tests were made using eye-tracking technology that show the visual focus on various body parts.

It was supposed that typical response to sexual stimuli would be women looking at faces and men looking at genitals. However, the results were rather unexpected, in fact they were quite the opposite. Women were more attracted at sexual acts first and men would pay their attention at faces.

Although it was proved that a man is more likely to look at a woman’s face, he still thinks about asking that woman or girl out if he considers her beautiful. Unfortunately a lot of men are shy or simply do not know what to do if they see a beautiful woman.

However, there are men who managed to overcome this problem and now are willing to help you become an alpha male. After becoming an alpha male you will easily be able to attract women.

Previous study, published in Hormones and Behavior magazine, researchers concluded that sexual stimuli outlines gender differences, particularly for brain activity of men and women.

Presumably women who took hormonal pills were more often focused on genitals and those who took no pills paid their attention to the context of the picture.

Although it is known that men would more readily respond to visual stimulation, their concentration is initially less sexually oriented.

Researches suggest, that key to the findings may lie in peculiarities of brain activities in certain sections.

From one of the fMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) studies, conducted by Dr. Hamann and Wallen, where amygdalia brain section was examined, gender differences were prominently seen.

Men showed increased brain activity in amygdalia viewing sexual stimuli.

As amygdalia is known to deal with our emotions, there can be a link between this part of the brain and men’s reaction to faces.


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