Man’s horrible experience with China ex-wife regarding child access

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Hi Gilbert

Thank you for reply.

I’m  married to a Chinese woman who took Singapore citizenship about 10 years ago. When our daughter was born in 2011 my wife insists her parents from China to help us with the child raising.

However they didn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Mandarin.

Things where good until they start to get very possessive and claim more rights to my child which my wife supports and ask me to do it out of respect to them.

I was very a hands-on father and it was very difficult to let go of my child just to please the rest of the family. However to avoid conflict I just allow them to get involved in raising my child – still shuffling between work and parenthood as much as I could.

In 2014 we move out to different place to live on our own but  discover later  my parents-in-law started undermining me  by desperately trying to pull my child towards themselves.

My wife runs her own business and she was often absent that’s what make them worried that the child will grow closer to me instead to her. Despite my hard effort to give my child all my free time I could it was still three of them against me. In August 2015 my wife files for divorce under unreasonable behavior.

Despite being the main care giver for past 2 years my wife denies all my efforts in raising our child throwing only more accusations.

In December she files a police report accusing me of child sexual molestation , got child protection order and move  out from our house taking my daughter to her parents. I haven’t seen my child since then.

In March court grants me supervised visiting hours but my wife refuses access filing appeal. Reports from police and CPS clear me from her accusations and court grants me again supervised access to my child supposed to commence in two weeks’ time.

However, I just learn that her grandparents took my child to China without informing anyone about it.  I’m just worry they will kidnap my child and just vanish in China.

It has been a horrible 4 months that I’m wondering how did I survive. The divorce is still processing and we are waiting for final reports from child psychologist.

I wish to learn more about my rights as a father and if there is any way I can stop my wife from destroying  my daughter and my life.

Thank you


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