Man heartbroken by wife who has an affair and wants a divorce

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Hi Gilbert,

I’m not sure whether this counselling service would be of any difference for the one that I’ve had before and also if I’m ready for that.

It’s hard for me to move on as the memories with my wife still linger in my mind. Those happy thoughts makes it harder for me to let it go.

I realised that I do need help but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that everything is over.

Just googled through the internet and successfully found out about this support group. I’m really unsure how to begin but I’m unofficially separated from my wife.

We’ve been happily married for 11 years with 1 kid except that I do realised that I can’t controlled my anger but definitely not till the extend of verbally or emotionally abused my wife.

Yeap, we do quarrelled sometimes but everything is ok after a few hours. Everything changes early this year when she tried to avoid talking or going out with me and its getting worse early February. She totally shut me out until I received a SMS from her that she wants a divorce!!

Its totally heartbreaking and I’m torn into pieces…..and how devastated I am when I found out that she is also having an affair. I felt betrayed and I’m lost and I’m not sure what to do.

I’ve got nobody to talk to except few of my closest friends but still…I felt so lonely.

I’m more worried about my 10-year-old daughter’s future and I’m scared losing her as she is the only family that I have!! I’m lost!

Thanks Gilbert for taking your time to read this email. It’s just me letting all out as I am not really good with words.

Have a nice day.


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