Husband letting wife go in a painful divorce and moving on

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Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for asking and the concern.

Unfortunately, divorce is still on.  I don’t blame my wife as to whether she really did betray me or not (anyway there’s no way to prove or to find out unless I confront that guy. It would be very stupid of me to do so now).

I feel that, as a husband, I have to bear the biggest accountability of the failure of my marriage.  So to make her happy and the last good thing I could do now – I have to let her go.  This makes both of us feel better and still could remain as friends in the future.  Also good for the children too.

Anyway, I feel better now after talking to some of my friends. Though still feel a bit lost but I have started planning for my future  – in terms of income and retirement.

For sure, I have learned the biggest and painful lesson in my life.  If there is another opportunity of having a second wife in the future, it would definitely be for the much better as by then I will know how to love a woman.

Well, life is all about learning.  Luckily life is short, and won’t be long we will be back to HIM again.



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