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We have  a team of  qualified professional counsellors who will assist you with the following:

1. Online counselling

This will be done entirely online via email exchange and at a small cost of $50.

Counsellors will also have the right to terminate any counselling activities  if he feels that the session is going nowhere.

The confidentiality clause will apply in online counselling session.

2. Face to face counselling

We seriously emphasize the theraupetic value of face to face counselling over online counselling.

The professional counselling will be offered at between $50 an hour  to offset our operational cost.

We are ready to collect a lower rate if you are unable to pay the usual fee as we truly want to help you and we don’t do this for financial benefit alone only.

Please note that a counselling recovery plan for the divorced normally requires a commitment of 5-6  treatment sessions of an hour or more each session e.g:-

Week 1- exploring history
Week 2 – identify needs – goal setting
Week 3 – coping with loss
Week 4- identify key resources
Week 5- exploring future relationships
Week 6 – consolidate and closure

Most of our professional counsellors have a master’s degree in counselling and are certified counsellors. Their credentials will be made known  once they are recommended to you.

3. Support group activites

Support group activities for  five consecutive Saturdays are available  if there is a ready group of 6-8 participants.

We have already seen through 14 batches of support group participants and many of them have became good friends after the sessions.

The divorced initially often feel lonely and isolated and having a group of like-minded individuals who will uphold one another is invaluable.

Do let me know via email if you are keen on such activities and we will place you for the next support group series which will be conducted  quarterly.

If you are agreeable to our terms, please email us at or for further assistance.

Please also allow us 72  hours to revert to you on all your counselling request.

Thank you and take care. Don’t suffer alone – seek help.

We are here for you.

Gilbert Goh


Support site for the divorced


  1. I am very glad to find this website. Been wondering aimlessly on my own for too long. Thank you for throwing a lifeline to us on this lonely and painful journey.

    Besides the divorce support meetup group (which is not too active), can we have a support group here, since many are coming here for advice and support?

    In addition, the meetup group seems to be too exposed. Someone can find out if you are in the group. I will prefer not to be known for attending a divorce support group (when friends or colleagues try to be nosy online).

    1. Hi Reluctantlyseparated,

      This is a very good idea and if we can gather 4 to 5 keen members, we can start a support group for those who are divorced or separated.

      Those who are keen please email me at I can provide a volunteer counsellor to administer this support group initiative.

      Dont suffer alone and seek support from each other. Take care!

      Gilbert Goh

  2. Hi I hope someone can help me.

    I found out about 2 yrs ago that my husband had been sleeping with my maid and even has a child with her. I decided to leave him and contacted a lawyer. In the meantime, I filed a complain in the Family Court for maintenance for my child and me (as he stopped giving groceries money and I wasn’t working then). After he found out that I complaint in the family court, he filed a divorce against me. In the meantime, he didn’t know that I knew about the maid and the child. The proceedings were on the way and a few months ago, he told me that he is revoking the divorce (after he found out in the affidavit that I know about his affair). I did not tell him that I agree to him revoking the divorce as my child and I would like the divorce to proceed. My lawyer is also very busy and my long drawn divorce has been very expensive for me and since I am not working, I cannot really afford it.

    a) Since I have not heard anything from the court, I would like to refile (if indeed it’s been revoked).

    b) I would prefer to list my terms of divorce with him without a lawyer if possible. What should I ask for? only if the nego fails, then I would get a lawyer to help me.

    c) when I filed with the family court, I moved out with my child as I couldn’t stand looking at his face anymore. I am currently living with my friends in a HDB flat. He has since rented a condo with the maid and the child. He is not paying for our accommodations. I used to have maids and live in a private property. He also used pay for my car. Now, I have no car. What should I ask for alimony? I also would like him to pay for everything for my child expenses and education.

  3. I understand it is off matter but I wanna give it peice of data with absolutely everyone I can; do not imagine in psychics! I perceive it looks insane but my coronary heart was damaged nowadays as one tried to carry again memories of a misplaced really like one. He was so convincing it’s disgusting! They are scammers! Anyhow great site, but far more written content please!

  4. @ Michelle:
    That’s sad Michelle. We have a the same situation in a way bu not entirely. I hope someone would answer your dilemma so I would be able to know to what to do too.

  5. Hi Mr Gilbert,
    I really glad to come across your website today. I am lost and need advice for my marriage problems. I am really going through a horrible time and at the same time have to hide my feelings infront of my two kids. Hope that you can me. Thanks!

    1. How can I get my ex-wife back?Me and my ex-wife have been separated for 3 years and she’s dated other men but nintohg serious now she’s with some guy and its gotten serious. I’m scared I will lose her for good now. I cheated on her and I tried to make it up to her but she aint havin it at all. Now she’s tallking about moving to another state with this man and I think he’s taking advantage of her what can I do to stop her and gte her to take me back??

  6. Yesterday i discovered my husband’s affair with another woman. After questioning him, he finally admitted the affair and already had 2 children. I don’t have a evident for that. We have not had sex for 10 years, I kept hoping our marriage will get better and he is just busy at work. Today he told me he does not love me anymore 10 years ago….Well, after all the money i have lent to him and left nothing for myself….I have a job that pay for thousands and i am committed to mum’s medical fee too, she got cancer. Basically i left with very little money every month. I want to file for a divorce at age of 43. However with my salary, i am not qualified for any aid. Is there any lawyer you could recommend to me with affordable fee ? Thank you.

  7. we have been seperated and will be filing for divorce in a couple of months…we have sold our matrimonial house in end february 2012 and settled all loans…even though my 3 children and I are currently staying in a rented house which rent had been paid for till 15/04/2013, I am now worried when I heard that I will not be able to get a rental house from HDB until 30mths prior to the date we sold our house…if so, where can I and my 3 children stay as we cannot afford to buy an flat and will not be able to pay expensive rental rates from home-owners…I am 38, my children are 16, 11 & 10…pls advise..thank you

  8. Hi Aida

    Can you please email me at so that I can forward your enquiry to our online legal counsel?

    If you need volunteer counselling we can also provide you.

    Take care and stay strong. We are here for you.

    Gilbert Goh
    Support site for the divorced

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  11. Hi, I need some moral support. Can you put me in any support group pose?

    I am trying to go through a divorce/separation here. Coping with a clinical depression as well, and my family and friends aren’t really able to provide emotional support for my attempts to resolve my marriage, or should I say an empty marriage.

    Wish someone Is there to lend me some support, before I crumble yet again to go back to my status quo. Divorce is such a big word to me. The consequences and the implications seem to imply so much. I have invested 20+ years with this guy. And my world is about to be ripped apart. I need a bit of support here.


    Any encouragement of any form by anyone is welcomed too. Thanks.

  12. Dear Danielle

    Firstly 20 years is certainly a significant period of your life. I too was divorced after a 25 year old marriage. The most important is to talk about your thoughts and views to those who are close to you. Alternatively you can write down how you feel which I continue to do each day or week to capture my feelings and I always end with a positive note that the next day will be a better one. Try and do things that calm you…like walking along the east coast beach or doing window shopping or indulging in a chocolate cake.

    You may wish to contact Gilbert to join one of the support groups or seek assistance from the trained counsellors. Please take care and be strong.

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