Divorced man offering advice to someone going through marital dissolution

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After reading your letter two times, I still do not understand what actually you want from your wife.

Instead, I read you wrote a lot about your wife’s behavior. It seems that you think your wife is more wrong than you. I can’t help but ask you, do you understand why your wife is behaving this way – eg commit suicide again and again?

I can see that your wife is still very much loving you from her (you called it as “unreasonable”) behavior. She does not want a divorce. She does not want to lose you.

You wrote that “2 human beings who have differing characters and the differences can’t be bridged anymore”. May I ask – how do you interact with your colleagues, friends, etc. Can you like interact the same way to your wife as you do to your friends, colleagues, etc?

If you really care for your child, you really got to stop keep thinking those unhappy events with your wife, and keep digging out those bad statements made during arguments. Otherwise you are going nowhere but round and round. At the end of the day, nothing good will come out between the two of you.

You need to know the meaning of Husband and Wife. It is not just about sex and love. There is responsibility for many things that circle around the two of you eg children, life, parents, and many more. It is about resolving problems together which may come to the both of you. It is a team work.

You are lucky that you wife is willing to commit suicide for you. In my case, my wife committed adultery and plotted against me with another man.

Remember this – it takes 2 to get marry, 2 to divorce. Divorce is wrong!

Man, divorce is not an easy road to embark on. It is not just about the Husband and Wife. There are many things more. It is a learning route in our life.


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