Divorced father facing homelessness and turning suicidal

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Dear Sir,

I am writing to you as I have no one else to turn to and neither the HDB nor Family Court is willing to hear me out.

I’ve been divorced from my estranged wife and I’ve been rendered homeless since as HDB repeatedly refuses to give me a queue number for their BTO projects saying that my son and I do not form a “proper” family nucleus.

In the meantime, the courts have awarded 75% of our matrimonial home to my ex-wife even though I’ve produced proof of her adultery as well as custody of our children to the immoral woman. Hence, I’ve effectively lost faith in our judicial system as it is merely the playground of the rich and influential. She has abused protection orders several times but always never fail to get away with a “slap on the wrist”.

An RC member who saw my son sleeping on a couch and myself on the floor together with my dementia mother and schizophrenic sister during “house visits”, they suggested that I see my MP but I’ve seen him 12 times to no avail and to his own ministry for that matter.

I’m still struggling to pay off close to $28k of legal fees to my lawyer who initially duped me that my divorce can be settled with just $3k. I’ve previously contemplated suicide by jumping out of the window but my son stopped me.

Hence, I hope you will really look into my case and render assistance accordingly.

Yours faithfully,



  1. Stay strong buddy. Life is never an end-road. Look beside you, you still have a son.

    You shld be able to apply bto for singles scheme if you are under 35. There are many options actually. Buy resale, BTO, WIS, private. There are many options out there, just weigh your options and make your choice. 3room better than no room.

    If she has an affair and dumps the son with you. Apply for alimony from her. Work out a reasonable amount from his sch fees, meals, medical, insurance, dental, entertainment, clothing, helper then claim 60/70% for it.

    As between adults the story is ugly. Never put yr son inbetween your story between his father and mother.

    Be strong. God, Law, Justice is never equal and fair. Don’t lose faith.

  2. As an independent Nation and as Asian’s we must change to suit our society’s needs.
    With so many highly qualified Parliamentarians, Singapore 🇸🇬 should formulate its own Family laws instead of relying solely on the inherited Women’s Charter and Guardianship of Infants Act !!!
    We have a Senior Counsel as our Law and Home Affairs Minister and also have other lawyers and professionals as MPs and Ministers.
    More than 50 years plus have gone by and yet we are stuck having to fall back on such laws that may not be applicable to certain situations.
    Asians despise people who have extra marital flings that lead to family breakups. Yet we have a system that would decide that a wife who is guilty of extra-marital relations has more rights to the roof just because she has been awarded custody of a child. The poor Husband becomes homeless. The Wife would then continue with her affair with her lover in a “new house 🏠” which was actually paid for by the now homeless husband..
    UK and other European Nations may have such laws but that does not mean that we who are predominantly Asians must also pursue such laws and even use their case laws.
    Singapore please Dare to Change.


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