Desperate ex-husband enquiring on lower payment of monthly maintenance order

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Hi Gilbert,

Recently, I went to receive the Family court order that I need to pay the following lump sum of monthly maintenance to my ex-wife:-

2 Children =$500

Wife =$100

House Utilities =$150-200

House rent =$44

Conservative Charge =$88

House and internet service $100

And next year school fees for my 2nd child =$250-280

Currently I am paying:-

1 bike =$527

1 bike =$350

1 Malaysian car – $300

1st wife maintenance – $300

Singtel hp =$100

Singtel Hp =$100

Currently I am not staying with her and my salary is only $2400.

Now I don’t think I can manage to pay the full maintenance court order and thinking if its possible to go back to Family court to ask for lower maintenance payment.


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  1. Hi

    You can always apply to vary the amt to.lower if he can justify to the court. The court will throw you into jail or arm wrestle you to ensure you pay according to her so long as you can justify your expenses.

    So go ahead…apply to court to vary the amount.

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