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Dear Readers,

We love to hear from you. Write to us so we can respond to you asap.

Do give us 3 to 5 working days to set up a counselling appointment with our counsellors.

There is a nominal professional fee of $50 an hour but we are willing to waive it if you can’t pay for the session.

Consultation hours (by appointment only):-

10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday

Don’t suffer alone – seek help!

Gilbert Goh


Support site for the divorced


  1. Hi Gilbert,

    My name is Cheryl and I am asking for my mom. She discovered that my dad has an affair 4 years ago and is still feeling very upset over it.

    She has seeked counselling sessions before but it has not helped very much. Could you kindly explain what will take place during these counselling sessions and will it be done in a group setting? And who will you recommend your 5-week support group to?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my queries.

    Warm Regards

  2. Hi Gilbert,

    I am going through a divorce. I wish to check with you how much usually does a lawyer cost. I am facing some difficulty in finance therefore hoping is there any help that I can reach out to.

    Both party agreed to divorce in peace and no asset under our name except the BTO which going to be done around july 2014. Both agreed that son custody to be joint custody. No joint saving account. Having a rental flat currently under my husband name.

    Warm Regards


  3. Hi Gilbert,

    Take for example, the court has decided on a division of the house of 60/40 between the husband and wife respectively. What happens if the 40% received by the wife is not enough to cover the CPF paid out during payment for the house? For instance, if the CPF paid by the wife is $100k but the wife receives only $80k. Will the court instruct the husband to top up $20k into the wife’s CPF?

  4. Hi,

    I’m planning to divorced with my husband and would like to check can the divorce procedures done in singapore as we registered our marriage in malaysia?

  5. Hi,
    I’m an Indian girl married to an Indian passport holder and Singapore Permanent Resident five years back, husband working and living with his mother’s sister (she is her boss as well). Marriage held in India and was an arrange marriage.stayed with husband in Singapore for 75 days and then husband sent me back to India after making so many excuses and never called me back to him. i have already registered domestic violence, dowry and maintenance case in court, cases are still pending after four years but of no relief, as he is not attending the court proceedings in Indian court. husband already registered a case of divorce in India but as never appeared in court again so the case is dismissed by the Indian court. now i’m planning to divorce him not in India but in Singapore. please suggest me can i divorce him in Singapore?, can i apply for maintenance or alimony in Singapore? what will be the procedure to divorce him in Singapore? please also suggest me a good and reasonable lawyer in Singapore.

  6. my husband has gone missing for past 2 years and i plan to apply for divorce. no contest for property or kids or maintenance as this is my second marriage. i have nothing with him. i have no idea where he is.
    how can i apply for a divorce in the shortest possible time as i wish to buy house with my kids?
    May 27 2016 i will be married for 3 years

  7. My husband send me a sms that he is preparing to file a divorce with me and will inform me the date to go to a lawyer firm.
    I m agreeable to the divorce – would I need to engage a lawyer?
    I have 2 grown up children 20 and 18 both are not working and there is no property – can i apply for maintenance?
    My gal and myself we have been staying in a rental room since Apr 2017.
    My 18 year old boy is staying at grandmother/uncle house with his father.
    I will need to get a house to stay with both my children – will there be any problem getting the house?

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