25-year-old filing for divorce and worried about rental cost

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Hi Gilbert

I’m a Singaporean Chinese citizen, 25 years old. I’ve been deciding whether to file for a divorce. And finally made up my mind today.

And the answer from my heart is Yes, I should. I’ve been feeling depressed and miserable for months.

But I’m currently studying part time diploma, and my full time job is pending confirmation (still under probation). I’ve asked my boss whether I can work in another part time job and he said it’s better not to.

I can’t live with my parents now as they have already rented out my room, and I do not want them to worry about my current condition.

I will let them know once I have settle everything.

However, the rental fees in Singapore are really costly, and my monthly salary will not be sufficient, I’ve been trying to sell/give away my things recently but there are still a lot of things, left behind.

I wonder if the landlord will allow me to bring my stuff and live in their home.

Are there any temporary home for divorced citizens?


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